About us

Born in 1973, Stefano Lodesani discovered his passion for architecture and design in Politecnico of Milano. After completing his master’s degree in architecture, Stefano Lodesani moved to San Francisco, California to attend programs at the CCAC (California College of Artand Craft) and the University of Berkeley where he laid the foundation for his future craft. His interests embarked him into different working disciplines and experiences, allowing him to collaborate with international architecture offices like DuccioGrassiArchitects where he had the opportunity to work for clients like MaxMara, Penny Black, Guru, OnTime, Trinkets and other multibrands shops evolving his interests for retail and interior design.


Photo: Francesco Cicconi

In 2010 Stefano Lodesani established his own office and worked with various businesses. Today, he signed on to the projects with Twin-Set flagships stores and outlets, Gaya gelato shops, restaurants, private estates and offices worldwide.

Curiosity, high quality, ethics, attention to the details, balance, creativity, constant material research, those are not only the values but the inspiration for Stefano Lodesani and his team. A team of young architects based in Reggio Emilia with the goal to give to the client a total support from the concept design to the site survey.

Stefano Lodesani Studio represents Italian design and international attitude.


Photo: Francesco Cicconi

The team:
Architetto Paola Daolio
Architetto Valentina Zecchi
Designer Elena Mereu
Designer Maurizio Putignano

They worked with us:
Architetto Chiara Pastoressa
Architetto Giulia Irene Bertolini
Architetto Laura Gallesi
Architetto Giacomo Basmaji
Architetto Saverio Cantoni
Architetto Andrea Acerbi
Architetto Farid Harb
Architetto Melanie Bellocchi
Architetto Martina Bianchi

“Take your pleasure seriously”
Charles Eames